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Last update: May 30, 2017

Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Course goes ‘on tour’

             Amsterdam Ankle Course on tour



Hands-on Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Course in Shanghai


From October 24 – 26, 2018, the first Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Course ‘on tour’ will take place in Shanghai. It will be a copy of the original Amsterdam Course including live surgeries and hands-on sessions. The course will be organized by leading experts Prof. Niek van Dijk in cooperation with Prof. Yinghui Hua and Prof. Shiyi Chen. The course venue will be the Huashan Hospital for Sports Medicine from the Fudan University Shanghai, equipped with a cadaver lab with excellent facilities. The program contains a mix of lectures, case discussions, tips and tricks, 3 live surgeries and for each participant a 4 hours hands-on session in the cadaver lab. The course will emphasize the strengths and possibilities of ankle arthroscopy from the perspective “WHY to do it, is as important as HOW to do it”.


The Shanghai Course is both for advanced and beginners who are interested in these new techniques and solutions. There will be ample time for exchange and discussion. Participants who only want to attend the lectures, case discussions and live surgery can make a registration for the course without hands-on.  


Registration starts on February 22:


Ankle Arthroscopy, the Book

Ankle injuries are often sport related and pose a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. Over the past 25 years, Niek van Dijk, founder of the Amsterdam Foot and Ankle School and author of this book, has developed a new philosophy of ankle arthroscopy.

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Chinese book  

Chinese book title: 《足踝关节镜手术技术》

Chinese publisher: 上海科技出版社

List price: RMB 248.00

About the Book

本书是国际著名足踝运动医学专家、阿姆斯特丹足踝医疗学校(Amsterdam Foot and Ankle School)创办人Niek van Dijk教授及其团队的最新著作,凝集了其30多年的踝关节镜诊断和治疗的宝贵经验,内容全面,操作步骤指导清晰,配有大量高清手术插图,是骨科和足踝外科医生学习踝关节镜技术的优秀教材。

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