Amsterdam Ankle Course goes ‘on tour’

               Amsterdam Ankle Course on tour


After 17 successful editions of the Amsterdam Foot & Ankle course we organized last July the very last course in Amsterdam. Over the years the course gained popularity which resulted in a waiting list of more than 1000 orthopedic surgeons. In order to accommodate this need we decided to change the concept. We stop in Amsterdam and go “on tour”. After a successful pilot in St Petersburg (May this year) we will organize next year two courses “on tour”. The first will be in Madrid on April  5 and 6, 2018 and will be organized together with Mariano de Prado. It will be a unique combination of tips and tricks of all techniques of the Amsterdam Foot and Ankle School combined with Minimal Invasive Surgery techniques by the world leading expert Mariano de Prado. For more information click here. Registration will open soon. We will keep you posted.

In the second half of 2018 we will organize a hands-on course “on tour” in Shanghai. This will be a copy of the Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Course including live surgery and hands-on. More information soon on


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