Course Paris

1st Paris Foot & Ankle Course


Course Directors: Thomas Bauer (Paris) & Niek van Dijk (Amsterdam)

European School of Surgery, October 2 & 3, 2009, Paris, France

The Paris Foot & Ankle Course focused on endoscopic surgery of the hindfoot and ankle, featuring cadaver lab sessions, lectures, live surgery, and case discussions. The hands-on sessions in the cadaver lab presented the latest techniques on arthroscopic and endoscopic foot and ankle surgery.

Niek van Dijk

Objectives of this course were
→ To learn and practice the latest arthroscopic and endoscopic techniques 

   in foot and ankle surgery.
→ To exchange knowledge on the most common ankle and hindfoot  

   pathology and its treatment options.
→ To learn more about different aspects of the ankle and hindfoot,  

   including Osteochondral defects, Chronic ankle instability, Syndesmotic 

   instability, Achilles tendinopathy, Peroneal tendon pathology, Anterior

   and Posterior ankle impingement, Osteo-Arthritis of the Ankle,  

   Endoscopic Calcaneoplasty & Endoscopic subtalar arthrodesis.

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