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An E-book has the advantage over textbooks of detailed description of surgical techniques in pictures and videos. Your orthopedic knowledge and surgical procedures will benefit from the information provided on this website. Detailed descriptions of surgical procedures are provided in text, picture and videos. With help of these features you are taken through the procedure in a step-by-step manner. Tips and tricks are provided, problematic cases, instructions for ankle and hindfoot procedures are described and arthroscopic footage are discussed in detail.


Examples include: arthroscopic treatment of osteochondral defects and the impingement syndrome, endoscopic peroneal tendon groove deepening, subtalar arthrodesis and endoscopic treatment of Cedell fractures.


The easiest way to scroll through the chapters is by using the Index (see below). Bolt chapters are currently available, the gray chapters are under construction and will be added in due time.


For non-registered visitors to the website two chapters are available. To view additional chapters registration is necessary. In due time all chapters as seen in the index will be available for members of the Ankleplatform. 


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