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This part of the website is accessible only for participants of Teach the Teacher courses.


The objective of the program is to build a group of connected surgeons dedicated to ankle arthroscopy. These surgeons are the (future) leaders in this field in their countries. The first Teach the Teacher course started in March 2013 in Minnesota. In 2014 there were courses Istanbul (September 2014) and Hong Kong (December 2014). In 2015 there was a course in Hong Kong (Oktober 2015). December the 2nd-4th there will be a Teach the Teacher course in Singapore. In 2016 the course is from 26-28 May in Singapore.


This part of the website contains the following sections:


- General information on the Teach the Teacher courses

- Venues and programs for the Teach the Teacher courses

- Program examples for 1 and 2 day Teach the Teacher courses

- Presentations to be used for Basic courses

- Lab-set up for Teach the Teacher courses

- Equipment course 

- Instructional videos to be used during Basic courses.

- Tips and tricks for Teachers at Basic courses

- List with contact-information of all teachers including level of qualification

- Material on Advanced courses 

- Forum for discussion between Teachers


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