Closed Studies

Closed Studies (currently analyzed)
 Title: Posterior Malleolar Fracture Fragment Size.

Authors: Meijer, de Muinck-Keijzer, Doornberg, Sierevelt, Stufkens, Kerkhoffs, van Dijk + Ankleplatform
Aim/goal: To identify the accuracy of calculating the articular involvement of PMF on CT.
Results: Articular surface of the posterior fragment was overestimated on 2DCT by factor 1.6, 1.4, and 2.2 for Haraguchi types I, II and III respectively. Interobserver agreement on surgical management ("to fix, or not to fix?") was substantial (ĸ = 0.69) for Haraguchi type I fractures, fair (ĸ = 0.23) for type II fractures and slight (ĸ = 0.09) for type III fractures. Addition of 2DCT slightly improved the accuracy of estimation of involved articular surface when compared to plain radiography alone. CT images led to a change in treatment of the posterior malleolus in 23% of all fractures. Surgeons addressed type I fractures in 63%, type II fractures in 67% and type III fractures in 22%.
Status: in writing.


Title: Proximal Fifth Metatarsal Fractures: Reliability of Classification methods and Decision making for treatment.
Authors: Mallee, Doornberg, Ekstrand, v Dijk + Ankleplatform
Aim/goal: To identify the reliability of classification methods in proximal MT 5 fractures
Status: in writing.


Title: Analysis of Safety and Surgical errors among orthopedic surgeons
Authors: S.J. Janssen, Teun Teunis, Thierry G. Guitton, D. Ring James H. Herndon+ SOVG + Ankleplatform
Aim/goal: Analysis of Safety and Surgical errors among orthopedic surgeons.
Status: in writing.Title: Foot and Ankle specific Patient Reported Outcome Measures: A survey amongst Orthopedic Surgeons.
Authors: Weel, Zwiers, Mallee, Kerkhoffs, van Dijk + Ankleplatform
Aim/goal: To explore the use of PROMS in the daily orthopaedic practice and determine the preferences of orthopaedic surgeons.


Title: What is the best angle for radiography in detecting an os trigonum?
Authors: Zwiers, Blankevoort, Dobbe, Streekstra, Maas, van Dijk+ APSG
Aim/goal: Determine the optimal radiographic view to detect an os trigonum.
Status: Data analysis started.


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