Submitted for publication

Submitted for publication
Title: Reliability of classification for Posttraumatic Ankle Arthrosis.
Authors: Claessen/Meijer, Doornberg, Mallee, Stufkens, Gevers Deynoot, vd Bekerom, Kerkhoffs, van Dijk + Ankleplatform
Aim/goal: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the reliability of current classification systems for posttraumatic -fracture- ankle osteoarthritis.
Results: Interobserver agreement of surgeons who participated in the survey was fair for the Van Dijk osteoarthritis scale (k= 0.24), and poor for the Takakura classification (k= 0.19), and the Kellgren osteoarthritis scale (k= 0.18) according to the categorical rating of Landis and Koch. This difference in one categorical rating was found to be significant (P <0.001, CI 0.046 - 0.053). Absolute percentages of agreement reveal that 61% of surgeons agreed on the Van Dijk osteoarthritis scale, 54% for the Takakura classification, and 50% for the Kellgren osteoarthritis knee scale.

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