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Privacy statement for members and visitors of Ankle Platform

In this privacy statement we make clear how we treat your personal information and how we keep your privacy. Ankle Platform respects the privacy of the members. We are aware that you share personal informational with us. We consider it our duty to monitor your data with the greatest possible care.

Which data do we save?

We only save the data that you submit on the 'Join us' form to become a member of Ankleplatform. These data consist of:

We use this data only to send you newsletters. They contain professional and educational information such as: Pictures of the Week, operative techniques and new courses. 

Ankle Platform does not share your personal data with any other party. The data are not used for commercial purposes. We don’t create profiles of our members: we don't collect information about your IP address, browser type, access time, oerating system etc. 

Our only purpose is to inform you on the activities of Ankle Platform. If you don’t want to receive the information of Ankle Platform you can unsubscribe any moment through the unsubscribe button in the newsletters or contact us by email.

We only work with third parties for hosting our website and to send out newsletters. We have a privacy agreement with these parties. 

If you have any questions, remarks or complaints on the use of your details please contact us.