The Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Course was started in 2000 by Dutch orthopedic surgeon Niek van Dijk. It has become a leading course in the field. The objective is to teach modern treatment concepts on ankle and hindfoot, including arthroscopic solutions. Orthopedic surgeons from more than 100 countries worldwide have participated.

Athens, expected in 2024

Athens Arthroscopy Masterclass including hands-on practice, live surgery and lectures

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Sao Paulo, 27/28.9 2023

Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Course "on tour" in Brazil. Apart from hands-on arthroscopy sessions, the course includes live surgeries, lectures and case discussions. Course language will be English. The website is available both in Portuguese and English.

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Pisa (Italy), 8/9.9 2023

Together with the San Rossore Academy in Pisa, we organise a 1.5 day ankle course for orthopedic surgeons and sport physicians on 8-9 September: Foot & Ankle Injuries in Football from A to Z. Course Venue is San Rossore Sport Village in Pisa, Italy

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Lodz (Poland), 31.3 - 1.4 2023

A hands-on course with a focus on Ankle and Achilles Tendon problems, including cadaver lab, live surgeries and lectures.

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Cape Town, 9.9.2022

The first hands-on Ankleplatform Arthroscopy Course in Cape Town.

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