The Amsterdam Foot & Ankle Course was started in 2000 by Dutch orthopedic surgeon Niek van Dijk. It has become a leading course in the field. The objective is to teach modern treatment concepts on ankle and hindfoot, including arthroscopic solutions. Orthopedic surgeons from more than 100 countries worldwide have participated.

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Past Courses

Fall, 2020

Cape Town, Sint Petersburg, Sao Paulo.

Jaipur, 13/15-12-2019

The first Ankleplatform Course in India, including live surgeries, lectures and a physical examination session.

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Shanghai, 4/5/6-12-2019

Full program of the original Amsterdam Foot and Ankle Course including HANDS-ON sessions and live surgery.

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Sao Paulo, 12/13-09-2019

The first Ankleplatform Course in Brasil. Program includes live surgeries and round table sessions. This course is fully booked.

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