Hindfoot arthroscopy

Surgical Procedure

Releasing the peroneal tendon sheath and retinaculum with a punch
With a probe the tendons are dislocated and hooked behind the lateral malleolus.
Under direct vision, an additional portal is created approximately 4 cm proximal to the posterolateral portal
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Pearls & Pitfalls


For general pearls & pitfalls in hindfoot endoscopy, click here, or go to 'Standard 2-Portal Hindfoot Approach'.



Be cautious while deepening the fibular groove with respect to the ligamentous structures. Medially from the groove, the posterior syndesmotic ligaments and the posterior talofibular ligament are located. Follow the contour of the groove from proximal to distal. The calcaneofibular ligament inserts more anterior in the most distal part of the lateral malleolus. When shaving the groove distally and anteriorly, aim the shaver medial from the calcaneofibular ligament insertion