Hindfoot arthroscopy

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Post-operative rehabilitation

The patient can be discharged the same day of surgery and partial weightbearing. The patient is instructed to perform active dorsiflexion of the ankle to the neutral position (knee slightly bent). This exercise should be performed 2 or 3 days times per hour for the first days after surgery. The patient is instructed to elevate the foot when not walking to prevent edema. The dressing is removed 3 days post-operative. The period of partial weightbearing varies between 10 days and 6 weeks. For defects up to 1 cm, 10-14 days partial weightbearing is enough. Larger defects can possibly benefit from a longer period of partial weightbearing since the filling of the defect gets a better chance of maturing without maximal loading. Patients with limited range of motion are directed to a physiotherapist. Running is best to be postponed untill 3 month postsurgery. Sport resumption can on average be expected at 4-5 month post surgery.