Surgical techniques

This operative manual contains arthroscopic and open procedures of the ankle and hindfoot. The procedures are divided in four categories. Detailed information guides orthopedic surgeons through each procedure by means of videos. For a quick reference there is a picture & text option for each procedure. The effectiveness of the techniques is supported by trials and publications.

Anterior Arthroscopy

Procedures include, access to the anterior ankle compartment and treatment of soft tissue and bony impingement, OCD, synovitis, loose bodies or ossicles, arthritis and chronic ankle instability.

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Hindfoot Arthroscopy

Procedures include access to the posterior ankle compartment, subtalar joint, FHL, deltoid ligament, tarsal tunnel, posterior ankle ligaments and os trigonum for treatment of posterior ankle impingement, OCD, arthrodesis and other conditions.

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Other Scopic Procedures

Tendoscopy can be performed for the treatment and diagnosis of pathologic conditions of the peroneal tendons, the posterior tibial tendon, and the Achilles tendon. Procedures include endoscopic calcaneoplasty and endoscopic FHL transfer.

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Open Procedures

Although arthroscopy has become the preferred technique to treat intra-articular pathology, several conditions can very well be performed by open surgery. These include treatment of Flatfoot, Cavusfoot, posttraumatic deformities, instability and arthrosis.

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