Course Description

One of the goals of the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation (NOF) was to organise a specific instructional course on a specialised topic. Together with one of the leading NOF experts in this field, Jon Karlsson, we organised a Master class/ NOF instructional course on Foot and Ankle in Reykjavik on September 10 and 11, 2009. It can be considered as an update in the field.

During this instructional course various controversial ankle and hindfoot topics were highlighted and discussed. The course included live surgery and case discussions for which the participants were encouraged to bring their own cases.

Niek van Dijk,
NOF president


Detailed information

During this two-day masterclass, various controversial ankle and hindfoot topics were highlighted by two well known experts in the field. Both gave an introduction to each topic, followed by the current evidence, their expert opinion and their tips & tricks. Some topics had the features of a mini-battle while on other topics the experts were propagate the same opinion. The audience were invited to take part in the discussion and debate these matters in detail. Prepared case discussions are an integral part of the course, but participants were stimulated to bring their own cases. Live Surgery gave the participants the opportunity to watch the `state of the art`.


Objectives of this course were: