Accessory tendon posteromedial to the FHL tendon


A 27 years old male patient underwent a posterior arthroscopy for posterior impingement complaints due to hypertrophic scar tissue. Two years before the patient underwent posterior arthroscopy for a posterolateral talar ocd. Video showing movement of the tendons during flexion of the toes (see video).

During inspection of the FHL-tendon an accessory tendon is found medial to the FHL. Flexion of the 4th digit causes movement of the accesory tendon. When flexion of the hallux is performed the accessory tendon shows no movement. Along both tendons no abnormalities were found, therefore release of the tendons was found not necessary.

Picture 1: Picture showing an accessory tendon posteromedial to the Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon.

Picture 2: MRI scan showing accessory tendon posteromedial to the FHL tendon.