Cycle for Science tour 2016, Amsterdam - Barcelona


The first Cycle for Science Tour toke place in 2016. A group of 40 orthopedic surgeons and members of Ankleplatform rode from the 2014 ESSKA hosting city, Amsterdam, to the 17th biennial Congress in Barcelona. The tour had a two fold task: to raise awareness about the importance of motion as a cornerstone for a healthy life, and to raise funds for the ESSKA Foundation to support research in the field of orthopedic sport medicine with focus on prevention of disease. 

During the tour of eight stages, in each city symposia were organised with renowned speakers. The focus of the symposia was prevention of osteoarthritis, joint disease and sports injuries and the positive effect of exercise.

The second Cycle for science tour was from Barcelona to Glasgow 

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Cycle for Science is an initiative of Ankleplatform in cooperation with ESSKA.