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Ankle arthroscopy has been used to treat patients with chronic ankle instability since 2010. A variety of procedures have been described with good results and low complication rates. All inside ATFL repair using knotless anchors is an anatomic repair with restoration of the original ligament. In cases of poor ligament tissue remnant or the absence of remnant ligament, anatomical repair is not possible. In these cases, the recommendation is to add an  augmentation or perform one of the available reconstruction procedures. Arthroscopic or Percutaneous Reconstruction techniques have been described with diferent grafts (auto or allograft) to replace the insufficient ligament. A correct precise localization of the fibula, talar and calcaneal tunels is necesary to create a near anatomic procedure.

We describe a modified “All inside” ATFL repair using two portals. The classic AM and a slighty modification of the AL portal located 5-6mm lateral to the classic AL portal.


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