Surgical techniques | Anterior arthroscopy



Loose bodies who are localized in the anterior compartment can be approached with a routine setup of anterior ankle arthroscopy. In case of tight ankle ligaments, joint distraction may be needed to reach the fragment(s). 



For irrigation normal saline is used, however ringers solution is also possible. Gravity inflow is adequate for irrigation. When needed a pressure bag is inflated up to 100 mmHg. 
A 4.0 mm arthroscope with an inclination angle of 30 degrees is routinely used, permitting excellent visualization within the ankle and foot. 
We use a non-invasive soft-tissue distraction device when manual distraction is not sufficient.



For debridement of synovial chondromatosis through anterior arthroscopy, the standard anteromedial and- lateral portals are used. The technique is described in text & figures and in video.