Open procedures


Each implant and instrument set are designed to fit each patient’s unique geometry. The top articulating surface of the implant has a contour that accurately matches the geometry of the patient’s talus.
The design of the implant and associated instruments are based on CT or MR images taken with a specific protocol. A virtual 3D visualisation of the talus is produced and presented in a Damage Marking Report, visualising level of damage and assess the suitability for an implant. The positioning of the implant can be fine-tuned further through communication with the manufacture.



The implant is delivered with a set of patient specific instruments, including a drill guide that enables correct position of the implant. The guide is fixed to the talar bone with 2 K-wires.

To facilitate the access to the medial talus, a personalised osteotomy guide is provided. The guide facilitates sawing until the correct depth while protecting adjacent tissues. Two drill holes are included to create the fixation holes for re-fixation of the medial malleolus. Using a Hintermann distractor is recommended to further facilitate access to the talar bone.